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iPod Touch Mounting?

This is an image of my iPod Touch appearing in iPhoto, Aperture, and Image Capture.  Is there anything that can be done with this? Is there some way to Mount the iPod Touch on the desktop like the regular iPods? I tried dragging photos into the iPod, and of course that didn’t work. It almost acts like I can drag photos out of it, though. picture-2.png 


I was a bit confused when I saw that I had a song on my Music list that I didn’t put there (I did buy the video). Then, I noticed the album art was the same as the music video.So, it seems that the iPod Touch (probably all iPods, for that matter) can play music videos as just songs without playing the video.

Negative Look on iPod Touch

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I have one of those iPods people are talking about that has the “bad black” effect. The black values are horrible and look like a negative image. I hear some are getting exchanges by going to the Apple Store. That’s exactly what I plan to do.  I did a test watching film noir “Chinatown” and it’s just not watchable on my iPod Touch. I really hope this isn’t supposed to be like this. I expect more from Apple. 

This is my NEW working iPod Touch. (I sold the diagnostic one for some good money.

 I entered my password wrongly repeated and got this message:photo_091607_001.jpg

 I also found out that if you press ‘Home’ button twice even before you enter you passcode, the iPod  still can play music. The rewind, play/pause, and forward button appear and you can press play and listen.

Video w/ sound

Ok. So, thanks again to Engadget! If it wasn’t for your post about iPod stock in stores, I wouldn’t have known or gotten my naughty-pod.Gizmodo, thanks for posting my pics. It was cool. My iPod was really excited to have its fifteen minutes of fame.and all peeps who dug the story, my iPod diggs you.Syndicate sites… y’all cool.News: I might have a buyer for my iPod Touch. We’ll see tomorrow. 

Full Gallery of iPod Touch in Factory Test Mode

An iPod touch ships without OS X — hints at disabled Bluetooth

 and, it’s on (it was the #2 story for a little bit 😉 )
What’s an iPod touch without OS X? Thanks guys! I really feel special.  

They didn’t help me much. Told me to turn it off “5 times” consecutively (sounded like another outsourced tech help, I didn’t know Apple did this too). That didnt’ work. Hacker community, anyone? How to dump the flash for y’all? Tell me, I’ll send the info.

Some think I photoshopped this. Here’s a video:  

My ipod touch is still not working! I’ve tinkered, and nothing! I listened to everyone commenting on Engadget, and so… i posted it on ebay: