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Contacted Apple

They didn’t help me much. Told me to turn it off “5 times” consecutively (sounded like another outsourced tech help, I didn’t know Apple did this too). That didnt’ work. Hacker community, anyone? How to dump the flash for y’all? Tell me, I’ll send the info.


Some think I photoshopped this. Here’s a video:  

My ipod touch is still not working! I’ve tinkered, and nothing! I listened to everyone commenting on Engadget, and so… i posted it on ebay: 

My iPod Touch 16GB isn’t playing nice! I have these screenshots of what it’s doing to me! Still has wrapping! I might have to take this to Apple.img_1147.jpgitouchserial.jpg

Berries & Cream Clinton



picture-3.pngJeannie’s NanoSo, this is my first post. I will soon explain what this site is all about.